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Asian Legislation Monitoring Service

A Compliance Library of Asia’s Expanding Body of Packaging Legislation

In Asia Pacific, legislation and compliance issues are becoming increasingly important for businesses to be aware of as governments ramp up implementation and inspections.

Key Packaging & Environment Issues

ID LAW SWM 2008 bahasaEP Resources Pte - publisher of PackWebasia.com - has been tracking and reporting on Asia’s Environmental and Packaging Legislation since 2007. It has amassed a database of more than 235 Environmental Legislative instruments currently on the statute books in Asia Pacific and now offers access through a customised monitoring service.

Meeting the growing need for a comprehensive and up-to-date library of Packaging related Legislation in the Asia Pacific region, this service tracks new and current legislation and ordinances with updates as-and-when they occur.


Ch DraftStandardsFilm sMonitoring Asia's Packaging & Environmental Regulations

To ensure you are familiar with the legislative framework of the countries you do business in, and their laws, regulations and standards, EP Resources’ Asian Legislation Monitoring Service helps guide your organisation into compliance.
Because each business operates differently, we offer the flexibility to customise your service package, by country and industrial sector, to focus on your company’s specific obligations.
When you first register your annual subscription with us, you will receive a Starter Library that delivers up to date existing legislation in force, a guide to the legislative system and process and background insight into government strategies influencing the direction of laws, regulations and standards being implemented.
Thereafter, the service provides quarterly updates of legislative changes, draft Bills being processed etc within your selected area of concern. 

 Asian Legislation Starter Library:
  • Overview of Legislative Framework
  • Analysis of Environmental Strategy
  • Library of Legislation in force:-
  • Full Text of legislation in English & Original language
  • Definitions
  • Scope: industries, products impacted
  • Stakeholder Obligations:
  • Government/Industry/Consumer
  • Implementation process/system
  • Enforcement
  • Financial Implications: Fees/Taxes/ Violation Penalties
  • Standards Referenced (either voluntary or, as is common in Asia, ‘mandatory’)
Quarterly Legislation Alerts
  • New Draft legislation proposals
  • Context analysis of specific market conditions or issues behind proposals
  • Executive Summary Draft legislation
  • Timetable for public/industry consultation, implementation etc
  • Updates on significant legislation reading phases (eg: revisions to draft legislation where applicable)
  • Text of Final Legislation Passed/approved - to be added to your Starter Library 

Priced on a per Country/Topic basisGet a quote
Annual Subscription to a single jurisdiction starts from just €500



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